Moving Tips

Doree Bonner’s Top 5 Boxer’s Tips

It’s a hurdle nearly everyone faces at least once in their adult life… Packing cardboard boxes. Seriously. This may seem like a gross exaggeration, but imagine yourself faced with a roomful of books, DVDs and other such paraphernalia, all of which you are expected to pack into flimsy cardboard boxes – daunting isn’t it? The… Continue reading Doree Bonner’s Top 5 Boxer’s Tips

Moving Tips

The Student Storage Season Returns

The life of a student is simultaneously stressful, euphoric and enlightening. For the majority, campus life represents the first foray into independent living, and as you can imagine; accumulating useless paraphernalia becomes somewhat second nature. Novelty beer bottles, road signs, cones, promotional display figures… you name it; a student somewhere has likely adorned their bedroom… Continue reading The Student Storage Season Returns


Relieve The Stress of Moving With These Simple Tips

Stress, bloomin’ stress… we could all do without it, no? Moving house, or rather relocating is without a doubt one of most stress inducing events in a person will undergo in their domestic life. It’s easy to say ‘calm down’ or ‘think about this methodically and relax’ but the reality is, we’re humans – we’re… Continue reading Relieve The Stress of Moving With These Simple Tips

Moving Tips

Essential Pre-emptive Moving Tips

Regardless of your age, moving from one home to another marks a huge milestone in a person’s life. It doesn’t matter how often you find yourself going through the motions – never fall ill to complacency. Those final weeks of planning are paramount to a successful, stress-free relocation. Doree Bonner is currently recognised as one… Continue reading Essential Pre-emptive Moving Tips