Moving Tips

Moving House with Children

movingFor us grown-ups, moving house is a stressful time but the stress that we suffer comes from organising everything, the work involved, making sure everything goes where it should etc. For children, it can be a different type of stress. They may be too young to fully appreciate what is going on. One day they wake up in their familiar bedroom and the next they are somewhere completely different. If you have older children they may just be disgruntled by the whole thing. If you are lucky you will have children that love change and will be excited about the whole process. How can we make it a smoother process for those that may struggle?

Involve them from the start.

If the children are old enough to engage with you about what they want in their new bedroom and what toys they want in the new garden then talk to them about it. Let them start planning for the move and involve them in the packing of their toys. Let them sort what they want to take and what they might feel you can get rid of. It is an ideal time to de-clutter.

Let them choose their new room

It may be that there isn’t much choice but at least the children think they are involved in the decision. They may not have seen the house but you should have pictures that you can share with them.

Visit the new area before you move

Showing them the local park, the local shops, the school and other surroundings will make them feel better about where they are moving to. If they have at least seen the area it won’t be a complete shock.

Arrange for them to have a fun day on moving day.

Having kids under your feet is stressful for you and it won’t be great for them. Arrange for them to spend moving day with friends or family. Arrange their bedroom before you start on any other parts of the house and make it as nice as possible with their toys on display. At least if they are surrounded by their belongings they won’t feel as strange.


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