Relieve The Stress of Moving With These Simple Tips

Moving Truck Means Change Of Address And LorryStress, bloomin’ stress… we could all do without it, no?

Moving house, or rather relocating is without a doubt one of most stress inducing events in a person will undergo in their domestic life. It’s easy to say ‘calm down’ or ‘think about this methodically and relax’ but the reality is, we’re humans – we’re hard wired to experience stress in the face of an uncertain outcome.

So without contradicting that previous statement too much, we’ve compiled a few points to help ease the stress of your upcoming relocation. Hold tight, greener pastures are on their way!

  • Pre-emptive Organisation

Remember our other blog that dealt with similar circumstances? It truly pays off to have your current property, possessions and affairs all organised in a fashion that suits you. Make an itinerary if you wish, and ensure that you know exactly where all your important documents and valuables are.

  • Don’t Rush

You’ve got your heart set on moving and you’ve found your dream property. You want things to start changing NOW. No, stop it – take a step back and consider all the factors involved and do everything one easy step at a time. Chip away at it like you would a sculpture.

  • Invest In The Help of Professionals

notebook*Hint, hint* not to blow our own trumpet, but placing the heft of your move into the hands of a professional moving company can ease so much of the strain and concern on the lead up to the big day. We take great pride in our service and ensure that every job is treated with the same ruthless level of care and diligence.

  • Don’t Be Scared of Help

Friends, family, neighbours… people who like you in general; don’t be scared of asking people for help in your preparations. Reckon you’re going to struggle with all those boxes, or don’t know what to make of all the administrative details? Give your clever friend a call!

  • Bid Farwell to the Familiar

It’s human nature to grow attached to our homes and environments; leaving overnight without giving a proper goodbye can be heartbreaking in retrospect. Take time to say goodbye to familiar faces, neighbours, friends and places. Relish those moments and take it all in before setting off… you can always visit, but make sure you’ve had closure.

Got any tips of your own to share? Let the Doree Bonner team know on Facebook and Twitter.


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