Top Five Net Cult Kitties

You may have noticed that the team at Doree Bonner are rather favourable when it comes to our feline friends. We simply adore cats, and judging by our logo, we’re quite unapologetic about it. For a little fun, we thought it would be nice to compile our favourite ‘cult cats’ into an easily digestible blog post. These are the cats that have set pop culture a light and cured many a banal moment…

  • Keyboard Cat

This feline virtuoso is quite possibly the funniest cat on the list. A surreal blend of home-video trickery and genuine skill…

  • Pusheen

Claire Belton’s sickeningly cute illustrated tabby cat has become a global cult phenomenon. 9.2 million ‘likes’ on Facebook, a picture book, emojis, plush toys, clothes, backpacks and jewellery… Pusheen is the cutest (and probably richest) cat in town. She’s so, so very cute, though.


  • Grumpy Cat

Bizarre as it may seem, Grumpy Cat was once reported to have a net worth of over $100 million. This is a story that needs to be read to be believed: http://goo.gl/570qwS. What is there to say about Grumpy Cat that hasn’t already been articulated a thousand times online?

  • I Can Haz Cheezburger?

Not as popular as it once was (thankfully), but this daft blog has courted its own office and monopoly of merchandise including a TV show and two books. In case you’ve never been on there before, it’s more or less just pictures of cats with silly captions… http://icanhas.cheezburger.com/


  • Nyan Cat

Watch this, then try and think how you’d explain the appeal of it to your family and friends. It’s a cat that flies and sings an annoying high pitched tune… but it’s just so moreish? Nyan Cat is yet another internet meme which got out of hand and now lays claim to an iPhone game, a NY pop-up shop and plush toys.

Cats sure do seem to rule the internet, don’t they?

Who’s your favourite web kitty? Let Doree Bonner know on Facebook and Twitter.


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