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The Student Storage Season Returns

The life of a student is simultaneously stressful, euphoric and enlightening. For the majority, campus life represents the first foray into independent living, and as you can imagine; accumulating useless paraphernalia becomes somewhat second nature.

Novelty beer bottles, road signs, cones, promotional display figures… you name it; a student somewhere has likely adorned their bedroom with it. So then, when it comes to that all important final term, a student is often faced with the dilemma: ‘what do I do with all this… stuff?’

Rather than sacrifice your belongings and mementos, why not store them? This is where Doree Bonner‘s Student Storage comes in.

We know how stressful the initial move from student accommodation to a flat/house share can be, which is why we’re here to make the transition as seamless as possible. You might be thinking ‘hey, I’m finishing second year and moving again… Yep, this happens a lot. Friendships change, finances fluctuate and accommodation comes and goes; sometimes we can’t store our goods all in one place.

No matter what year of education you are in, what university you study with or where in the UK you are – Doree Bonner will be happy to help. We will collect your boxes, store them up to 13 weeks and then deliver them to your chosen address.

Prices are as follows:

  • £80 Small Unit
    Up to 4 items
  • £98 Medium Unit
    5-8 items
  • £140 Large Unit
    9-16 items

To find out more please visit our website or give us a ring for a friendly chat on 0800 021 4290.

You can also find the Doree Bonner team on Facebook and Twitter.


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