June Joviality and Student Storage

student-147783__180Britain appears to be in something of a social pickle at the moment, but we shall not let that get our spirits down at Doree Bonner. Student removal season is well underway with budding intellectuals far and wide gearing up for the final essays and exams of the academic year. Many university courses have already wrapped up early allowing students plenty of time to relocate their belongings to new accommodation. The Doree Bonner team sure have been busy lately, and we expect things shall only peak further as the summer goes on…

student storage

For many students, the downtime between academic terms can prove troublesome when returning home. The gap between accommodation contracts means that students must either lug all their belongings back to their guardian’s property (which in many cases can be hundreds of miles away) or look for new accommodation which overlaps with their current tenancy. Rather than worry about such niggles, Doree Bonner offers affordable student storage for up to 13 weeks at a time. To read more about our unit prices and delivery options, click here.

In other news, we are absolutely delighted to unveil our new website – reborn and rejuvenated! You see, while our old website was perfectly functional, we thought it was time to give things a wee spit and polish. What do you reckon? Certainly more accessible and functional we’d say! As always we want the start of your journey with us as comfortable as possible; why not try our FREE online quote service which guarantees results in less than 2 minutes – nifty eh?

Explore our new site here and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.


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