Moving Tips

Doree Bonner’s Top 5 Boxer’s Tips

movingIt’s a hurdle nearly everyone faces at least once in their adult life… Packing cardboard boxes. Seriously.

This may seem like a gross exaggeration, but imagine yourself faced with a roomful of books, DVDs and other such paraphernalia, all of which you are expected to pack into flimsy cardboard boxes – daunting isn’t it? The placement of your precious belongings into these boxes is an easy enough task, but what of time and space; will you have enough room to pack everything?

Fear not, here are Doree Bonner’s top five tips for a painless boxing!

  • Begin Early

Not the morning the day before you move early, but weeks early. Go through all your media, knickknacks, books and so forth; decide what things you’ll likely to use over the coming weeks and what you can go without until the move. All your unused items will be boxed and ready to shift for the big day leaving you with more time to focus on the important stuff!

  • Put the Soft Stuff at the Bottom

Rather than empty your pockets on copious sheets of bubble wrap, use soft items such as tea towels, bed spreads, perished clothing and cushions as padding at the bottom of your boxes! Towels are great for wrapping up delicate items too!

  • That’s a Fine Bin Bag You’re Wearing!

Just kidding, but in all seriousness – bin bags are fantastic for protecting your precious clothing during a move, especially those which are neatly placed on hangers. The bags will protect them from creasing, dust, muck and any other unfortunate blemishes that may come with long distance relocation.

  • Give Your Hands Something to Hold

Lifting heavy boxes is troublesome work at the best of times, so give your hands and arms a break by cutting holes in the side of the box. This way your hands will have something to grip onto when shifting the box from A to B – it sure beats fighting the weight to grab the bottom.

  • Mark EVERY Box

Last but not least – write on the box what it contains, this makes unpacking so much less of a chore.

Got any box packing tips to share with our fellow Doree Bonner followers? Go ahead and post them on our Facebook and Twitter.


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